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Application and Web Development Services
Did you know that FPA also specializes in providing custom application and web development services to clients requiring unique software, web, and eCommerce solutions?
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Virtualization is the creation of virtual versions of servers, operating systems, and applications for the purpose of consolidating resources while reducing costs, improving productivity and creating room for network growth.

Read below for more information on virtualization and how it can benefit your business.

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is when a single physical server acts as several different servers by hosting different “virtual” environments. There can be many virtual servers on a single physical server. Each virtual server can host their own operating system and applications.

Companies may have separate servers for different business functions. These business functions can be condensed to sit side-by-side on a single server rather than having a separate server for each function. For example the Email, File, and SQL servers could all be available and managed from a single machine as illustrated below.



Operating System and Application Virtualization

Operating system virtualization is often used for testing applications in different environments. Operating system virtualization offers programmers the ability to create and change different environments so they can adjust for complications when dealing with legacy and unfamiliar operating systems. Operating system virtualization can be an invaluable tool for software and web developers looking to test their products in multiple environments. Operating system virtualization isn’t limited to servers, some operating systems can be virtualized without the use of servers – Windows XP can be run on some Apple machines for example.

Application virtualization is when an application is made available through a virtual operating system. In some cases businesses have critical software that is not compatible with the operating system that they use throughout the office. Typically, a separate machine is designated to facilitate these critical applications. With virtualization, the operating system can be virtualized allowing for the use of the non-compatible software in a virtual environment. In addition to being able to make legacy and non-compatible software available, application virtualization also makes it easier for IT staff members to solve problems by making it simple to duplicate environments and test solutions.


Benefits of Virtualization

Reduction in hardware costs

If many servers need to be purchased it may make more sense to use virtualization to reduce costs. According to Microsoft, some companies have reported that their virtual environments are 90% less expensive than physical servers.

Reduction in utility costs

The power requirements for a virtual server are less than the power required for a dedicated server. While the server with virtualization does require more power than a typical server, a savings in power consumption can be achieved after implementing just a few virtual servers.

Also, servers generate a lot of heat which can damage electronics. Servers are typically housed in climate controlled environments to prevent overheating. With fewer machines the environment will be cooler, reducing the need for external cooling.

Microsoft reports that some companies see a reduction in power consumption as high as 85% in data centers.

The chart below comes from Microsoft and compares 10 physical stand alone servers vs just one server with 10 virtual environments.

Server Setup

Ave. Watts



KG of CO2

Standalone IIS x 10





One Hyper-V server with 10 IIS7 VMs











Improved Scalability

Virtualization offers the freedom of addition space a company to grow by literally freeing up space in the server room. Also, there may be additional space on your server for more virtual servers down the road eliminating the need to purchase a new physical server.

Centralized Management

The virtual servers are all managed in one place making it easy for IT staff to make adjustments which can result in higher productivity from the IT staff.




For more information about our Virtualization Services or to learn more about our IT Services, please contact us at Or feel free to call us at 818-501-3390.